Capturing The Perfect Birth Announcement & Monthly Milestone Photos

Capturing those special moments is at the top of every new parent's list, but so are a million other things. We know it can be overwhelming so here are our go-to tips for creating insta worthy images that you will treasure forever.


Birth Announcement Photo Must-Haves

  • The Outfit: Pick a colour palette and then decide if you want to go with a sleeper, a knotted gown, a layette set or a bodysuit with bloomers and booties. There are so many cute options! Just make sure to pack a backup outfit in your hospital bag too, just in case. 
  • The Swaddle: If the outfit is just a simple sleeper and you have a beautiful swaddle that you want to wrap babe up in, go for it! A bundled-up babe with a birth announcement disc placed on top is a simple and sweet look.
  • Headwear: Choose from a knit bonnet, stretchy head wrap or knotted beanie in a matching or coordinating colour. 
  • Blanket: If you have babe wrapped up in a bamboo or muslin swaddle, add a bit of texture and contrast by placing a waffle or heirloom knit blanket underneath. It will take your photos up a notch and you can never have enough blankets! 
  • Birth Announcement Discs: There are so many lovely options in wood and acrylic with personalized details and more. We also LOVE our mini wooden letter boards because you can use them for birth and monthly milestones, and they make the cutest decor for after baby's first year. 

 mini round wooden letter board birth announcement

mini round wooden letter board birth announcement

Monthly Milestone Photo Must-Haves

  • Location: Try to find a location with good natural light, but if you can't then good presets like these from our friend Tracey Jazmin will make your images bright and beautiful! 
  • Outfit: We recommend sticking with neutral colours and a palette that you can keep consistent through all 12 months. Then if you want to print out all the photos for babe's first birthday they will have a cohesive look. Bonus points if you plan the party colours to coordinate as well. 
  • Monthly Milestone Discs: Again there are lots of amazing wood and acrylic options, so just pick what you love and keep the colours consistent. 


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