How To Make the Perfect Holiday Charcuterie Board

Just because Christmas is going to look a little different this year, doesn’t mean we can’t still spoil ourselves with delicious food & drinks. If you ask me, the best part of Christmas is indulging in sweet treats, decadent meals, over-the-top drinks and delicious appetizers.

Instead of a giant meal for the family this Christmas, maybe consider going all out on a beautiful charcuterie board. Add some champagne, Christmas music (like our Jazzy Christmas playlist on Spotify) and a fire and you’ve got a pretty great night in my opinion.

round charcuterie board


Step 1: Meats

Pick out 2-4 different cured meats. I like to include something mild, something salty and something spicy. I also like to ensure I have a variety of thicknesses. Some of my favourites to include are: prosciutto, spicy salami and a mild salami.

showing how to prepare a charcuterie board with meats and cheese

Step 2: Cheese

Pick out 3-4 different cheeses. These can be catered to what you like best. When I put together a board, I typically like to use something hard, something soft, something smoky and something stinky. For this board I used Brie, blue cheese, smoked gouda and Boursin. Other delicious options are goat’s cheese, an aged cheddar or asiago. For harder cheeses it’s nice to cut up some pieces into cubes and scatter it around your board. For softer pieces I like to leave large pieces on the board with a cheese knife stuck in it.

Step 3: Carbs

For charcuterie boards I prefer to use crackers over bread. I like to use at least two varieties of crackers spread out around the board. Thin breadsticks are a great option too or a toasted baguette.

how to make a charcuterie board

Step 4: Fruits & Nuts

I ran out of nuts to add to this board, but a few great options to put on yours are almonds, walnuts, pistachios, or any sort of candied nut. As for the fruit, there’s lots of great options. On this board I included blackberries and pomegranate arils. Other delicious options are strawberries, figs, grapes or dried fruit such as cranberries or apricots.

how to make a charcuterie board for the holidays

Step 5: Accoutrements

If you’re anything like me, you love a good dip or spread. Some of my favourites to include on a charcuterie board are honey (try drizzling over your blue cheese!), a grainy mustard, red pepper jelly, fig jam and olives.

To assemble your charcuterie board its best to layer things in. Start by first putting on any small dishes you’ll be using (I used two small white bowls for my Dijon and red pepper jelly) on your charcuterie board. Then layer some of your meats in a circle around the dishes. Next add some of your larger pieces of cheese. Then, making sure to spread the cheese, crackers and meat evenly around the board add your remaining ingredients. I like the look of an overflowing board, so keep adding ingredients until you’ve covered the whole thing.

Happy holidays and bon appetite!

how to make a charcuterie board for the holidays