DIY Painted Pumpkins

Boo-tify your porch with painted pumpkins

Incorporating pumpkins into your decor is one of the easiest ways to add touches of fall to your home. If, like me, traditional orange pumpkins aren’t quite your style, I have an easy fix—painted pumpkins!


Carving pumpkins is tons of fun and a big part of Halloween. But let's be honest—not only is carving pumpkins messy (and somewhat hazardous with little ones) it also doesn’t take long for your carved pumpkins to start rotting and wrinkling.

I’ve gathered our best pumpkin painting ideas, to get your porch Halloween ready.

For all of them, it did take two coats of paint so you do need to give yourself plenty of time to paint, let dry and then paint again. I also recommend painting the stems, it just gives the pumpkin a more finished look.

Push Pin Pumpkin

After painting the pumpkin a solid colour, poke push pins randomly around the surface for a modern design. My favourite style is studded push pins—which I found in the sewing section at Michael’s.

Gem-encrusted pumpkin

Paint your pumpkin a solid colour and make sure it is completely dry before you stick the gems on, or they won’t stick very well. Then, place the gems on the pumpkin in whatever pattern you choose. I love how pretty the pearls look against the lilac colour I chose for mine. Black and faux Swarovski ones would be really chic too.

Sticker phrase pumpkin

This method is so much easier for those of us who have less than stellar handwriting. I found packs of letter stickers at both Michael’s and Walmart. You can have lots of fun with this one – a quick google search gives you lots of different Halloween puns you could put on your pumpkin. I stuck with a simple ‘Happy Halloween,’ but a couple of my favourite ideas are:

  • Witch better have my candy
  • Trick or treat yo’ self
  • Squash goals
  • Fa-boo-lous

Paint dripped Pumpkins

Paint dripped pumpkins are so much fun. They blend well with modern decor but also scream fall. These ones are stylish enough to meld into your indoor décor, but work equally as well on the front porch. Start by painting your pumpkin a solid colour—I strongly recommend doing two coats. Once the pumpkin is dry, use another colour (I chose gold) and pour it on the top of your pumpkin, letting it drip down the sides.


Hope this has inspired you to try your hand at painted pumpkins this year. As always, if you do this DIY for yourself, we’d love to see what you come up with. Be sure to tag us @NestintheCity on Instagram to show off your pumpkin painting skills.