DIY: Floral Hoop Wreath

I don’t know about you, but I love updating the décor around my home with the changing seasons. A quick and inexpensive way to spruce up the exterior of you home for spring and summer is to add a wreath to your door. My favourite style of wreath right now would have to be a simple hoop wreath—which I’m going to teach you how to make for yourself!

This is a fairly simple DIY project with minimal tools needed, so have no fear if you’re not crafty, I’m confident you’ll be able to make a beautiful wreath for yourself. There are endless choices of greenery and flowers you can choose from – no need to copy exactly what I’ve chosen (I was limited to whatever I could get online from Michael’s, since we’re avoiding going into stores right now). I used faux eucalyptus and two different types of flowers for mine.


  • 12-inch brass ring (found on Amazon)
  • Glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral wire (in floral section at Michael’s)
  • Flowers/Greenery (I used eucalyptus, dusty rose peonies and white roses)

Assembling the Wreath

The first thing you want to do is to roughly decide how you want your wreath to look. Lay your greenery along it and decide how many flowers you want on it and where. Once you’re happy with the placement, you can trim your greenery down to the size you need using your wire cutters.

I used three stems of eucalyptus and laid them off-centered so that my wreath will be slightly asymmetrical. Then trim the stems on your flowers, leaving just an inch or so on the stem. This makes it easier to attach them to the hoop.

The next step is to attach your greenery to your hoop. You can do this all at once by first tying it together as a bundle, or by attaching it to the wreath one stem at a time. I chose the latter.

Start by cutting two pieces of floral wire, then use it to tightly secure your greenery to your wreath at each end—try to hide the wire as best as possible under the leaves so that it doesn’t show. Repeat this step until you’re satisfied with the amount of greenery on your wreath. Be sure to be gentle with your stems. My first attempt I accidently pulled off a couple pieces of eucalyptus leaves that hid the floral wire, so I had to start over.

Once you have your greenery on the wreath it’s time to secure your flowers. I started with my peony and attached it, off-centre, using a generous amount of glue from my hot glue gun. After it was dry, I went in and added my second flower using the same method. 

And there you have it, a cute floral hoop wreath, perfect for spring or summer. There are so many ways to personalize this, using different flowers, greenery, berries, ribbon, cut-outs and more. Stretch your creative muscles and see what you come up with. If you do make a wreath of your own, we’d love to see it, so be sure to tag @nestinthecity on Instagram.

We love to hear your feedback; are there any other DIY’s you’d like to see on the blog?


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