DIY Chalk Paint Vase Makeover

Did 2020 even happen if you don’t jump on at least one quarantine trend? I’ve yet to tie dye a sweater or choreograph a TikTok dance, but I can officially check homemade chalk painting old vases off my list!


diy chalk paint vase in neutral baby nursery

I’m sure most of us have old, ugly vases kicking around in our basements, or in our parent’s houses. If not, thrift stores literally have hundreds just waiting to be up-cycled into beautiful, new-to-you pieces.


diy chalk paint vase tutorial

Making homemade chalk paint is so easy, and only requires a couple of supplies. The finished look is beautiful—it gives your vases a ceramic, pottery-style appearance. A little rustic, a little earthy.


You can choose any colour you want for your paint—I’m partial to neutral tones like sand, white, terracotta and grey. Just ensure that the paint you choose is water-based. I went to Home Depot and got a couple sample-sized cans of Behr wall paint in the colours I chose. I’d also recommend choosing a flat finish for the paint as well, so it looks more like pottery.


Homemade Chalk Paint Supplies

  • 1 cup of water-based wall paint (I used Behr Marquee Almond Latte & White in a flat finish)
  • 1 tbsp of baking powder (use more for a puffier paint, which will give you more texture)
  • Container to mix in
  • Paint brush



  1. Put your paint into your mixing container.
  2. Add the baking powder.
  3. Mix together quickly, watching the magic happen. You’ll notice the paint puff up and get thicker. If it’s not as thick as you’d like, just add a bit more baking powder.
  4. Paint your vase. I recommend using horizontal strokes, so it looks more like pottery. You’ll want to work somewhat quickly in this step as the paint dries pretty quick.
  5. Let your vase dry for a couple of hours and then decide if it needs a second coat.
  6. Voila, you’re done. Your old dust-collecting vases are now beautiful on-trend focal pieces. Prepare to scour your house looking for anything and everything that you can paint. My next project will hopefully be some beside lamp bases.


If you have any questions, let us know in the comments and as always, if you do one of our DIY’s be sure to tag us on Instagram @nestinthecity we love to see your creations.



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