100% That Mom with Olivia from The Om Edit

If you spend any amount of time on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across Olivia’s account @theomedit at least once before. Her minimalist, modern atheistic, genuine personality and adorable family makes following her easy decision.

In case you missed it, we just relaunched one of our favourite tees—the 100% That Mom Tee—in a new minimalist version in collaboration with Olivia. From now until November 1, a portion of net proceeds from each tee sold, will go towards purchasing gift cards for moms in need from Olivia’s company of choice: Fragola.

I chatted with Olivia recently, curious about how her brand came to be and why she chose Fragola as her charity of choice and here’s what she had to say:

What inspired to start your blog and Instagram account?

I first started my platform as an extension of myself. Working in PR, it was fun to share tidbits of life and work. But it was the transition to motherhood that really inspired me to make something more of it. Even busy with a baby, I’m a doer and needed something more to do with my time at home. That’s when it became more of a “personal brand” and I haven’t looked back since.

What kind of mom would you say you are?

If I had to say I’m “that mom” for anything, it would probably be the modern mom — going against tradition, dressing the kids better than myself, a lot of Pinterest ideas, and all that healthy living stuff our parents can’t keep up with lol.

You chose Fragola as your charity recipient. What made you choose them?

While not a charity in the traditional sense, Fragola has stepped up to do charitable work in the wake of a pandemic. Fragola provides homemade style, nutrient rich, freshly-made baby food. 

When the height of COVID struck the nation, they didn’t hesitate to help moms who needed assistance or were suffering a financial loss. They helped by donating boxes of food to those who reached out or had someone nominate them as in need.

I chose Fragola because I’m a bit fanatic about healthy eating myself. We’re lucky enough to have the means and access to choose/provide wholesome meals for our children regularly. I cannot imagine not knowing where the next meal of any sorts is coming from or the burden of worrying about what baby food is in stock, during such unique times.

Maybe you’re 100% that mom who believes in ethical fashion, or you’re 100% that mom who will order skip the dishes on a tough day, or you’re 100% that mom who advocates for speaking up for those without a voice. Whatever kind of Mom you are, thank you for helping us to support Fragola in delivering healthy, nutritious baby and toddler food to families in need across Canada.

And make sure you tag us on Instagram @nestinthecity and @theomedit, with your tee and your 100% That Mom moments, so that we can share!